Vancouver Slovak Mission Society.

Our Purpose

When the founding members of Vancouver Slovak Mission Society first began conversations about their vision for the Slovak Community in British Columbia several key themes began to emerge. Through a lot of thoughtful conversation and in consultation with various members of the Slovak Community, this is how our purpose was born. We share our purpose with you in our society’s constitution below.



a. To support Slovak Community in British Columbia, especially those living in Greater Vancouver

b. To encourage fraternity in Slovak Community through the principles of mutual support, charity, unity, and patriotism

c. To promote, encourage and support intellectual, spiritual, religious, national, cultural, sport and social interaction in Slovak Community, by organizing spiritual seminars, historical seminars, craft and bake sales, picnics, social gatherings, sporting events, meetings, and other similar community building events

d. To educate children in Slovak Community and strengthen their spiritual, religious, national and cultural identity (their Slovak roots) by organizing various ad hoc and regular events

e. To render mutual aid and assistance across the Slovak community, especially to elderly Slovak immigrants

f. To assist the administrator of Sts. Cyril and Methodius Slovak parish in New Westminster

g. To help newcomers from Slovakia integrate into Canadian society

h. To co-operate with other Slovak and multicultural organizations, associations and societies who have similar purpose and goals

i. To do everything incidental and necessary to promote and attain the foregoing objects.